Kirsten Jade: Painting

Kirsten Jade

Meet the Artist

Kirsten Jade works with epoxy resin, creating large scale abstract pieces. Kirsten’s primary source of inspiration stems from nature. She enjoys expressing detail through color in her work as well as adding other 3-D elements. Working on large scale wooden panels adds another layer to her diverse and unique pieces.

Kirsten is originally from Hunterdon County, New Jersey and she attended Caldwell University for both her undergraduate and currently her graduate studies. Her education is primarily based from a fine arts background but she has pursued an undergraduate degree in psychology and art. Kirsten is currently working towards her M.A. in mental health counseling and art therapy.

Kirsten has exhibited her work at many art shows and vending booths throughout her career as an artist and is excited to be working with Arete Gallery in displaying her current exhibition of work, “Chasing Colors”.

Kirsten Jade, Artist Currently Exhibiting at Arete Gallery in New Hope, PA