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Arete Gallery: Art by Linda Hollinger (Kaela Hot Springs)

Linda Hollinger

Meet the Artist

Linda Hollinger is a fine art photographer currently living and working in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After receiving a degree in design and illustration, she traded in her paints and brushes for film and the camera. Her work celebrates the strength and vulnerability of the human form. Her photographs have been exhibited nationally and internationally receiving numerous awards. Her images have been published in Black and White Magazine, Photographer’s Forum, Photoshoot Magazine, The Photo Review and FotoNostrom Magazine.

Strength and vulnerability are the recurring themes in my photography. The fragility of the human form against decaying architecture and the strength of the human form against luminous, rugged, and desolate landscapes create a mood of sensuality and beauty existing within the contrasting context of textures and tones between the two elements. The beauty of the nude form works both in harmony with the enchanting landscapes and in contrast against the stark architecture of the urban landscapes. In my photography, I strive to capture my subjects in a classical, sensual way, presenting the female form as an extension of or in juxtaposition to nature and urban surroundings.

I like to create a mysterious and moody atmosphere with light as it interacts with my subjects in the environment. I prefer to use natural light, which creates a soft, romantic quality difficult to achieve with studio lighting. Natural light brings out the natural, innate beauty of the subject.

Linda Hollinger, Artist Featured at Arete Gallery in New Hope, PA


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