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Arete Gallery: Art by Troy Paolantonio

Troy Paolantonio

Meet the Artist

Troy Paolantonio, 42, is a resident of Glen Burnie, MD. 12+ years active duty Soldier Musician in the US Army Field Band. Rising artist through the medium of simple house paint and use of a swinging pendulum. His works channel a person’s favorite color(s), or capture a color story, or harness an emotion, important life event, or spirit, and express them with the marrying of physics, organic geometry, and his own artistic intuitive direction, unique to an individual’s request and Troy’s collaborative styling and vision upon a canvas.

His first 100 works have found homes across the US, Scotland, Switzerland, Mexico, New Zealand, Canada and Australia. Troy’s creations are a meditative life passion, and the greatest love in the process is the manifestation of something dazzlingly beautiful and seeing it find its place in its home with its recipient.

Troy Paolantonio, Artist Featured at Arete Gallery in New Hope, PA


Arete Gallery

122 S. Main St.
New Hope, PA 18938

(484) 353-9859

Gallery Hours

Monday through Sunday: 11 am – 5 pm

To book a private tour, please call.

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