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Andrew Galdi specializes in Asian style ink and watercolor painting and is a 5th-dan (degree rank) in Shodo—Japanese calligraphy. He learned these art forms on his own until he met Hengyi Aixinjueluo, an accomplished artist from Beijing and a descendant of Emperor Puyi, the last Emperor of China. Since neither teacher nor student spoke the other’s language, he had to study without verbal instruction. He overcame the language barrier by following his teacher’s movements and concentrating on details such as brush orientation and pressure. As a result, his paintings capture more of the spirit of the subjects. Andrew studied with Hengyi for over ten years, learning the foundations of Chinese ink painting before setting out on his own.

Today, he continues to study ink painting and Japanese calligraphy. He works with the traditional eastern elements of the art form (ink, bamboo brushes and xuan, or rice paper) but also mixes in western influences like watercolor paints and techniques. His work has taken top awards and been exhibited in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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