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Shakedown Street Coming to Arete Gallery in August 2024

Upcoming Events

The Return of May Pang to Arete Gallery in May 2024

The Return of May Pang

May 17, 18 & 19
A special three-day free photographic exhibition featuring candid photos of John Lennon and friends taken by May Pang, his lover during his “Lost Weekend” era. This exhibition coincides with the recent release of the feature film documentary on May Pang and John Lennon’s relationship “The Lost Weekend – A Love Story.

May Pang herself will be at the show to meet and greet customers. Don’t miss this opportunity to see Lennon’s private moments captured by someone who knew him intimately during this creative time in his life. All works will be available for purchase.

Making Your Masterpiece Day with Kim Plyler

Making Your Masterpiece Day with Kim Plyler

Sunday, April 21st: 2 pm – 4 pm
Every stroke, every choice, every moment shapes the future you’re creating! Join us for ‘Building Your Masterpiece Day’ as we craft our tomorrows and unlock boundless potential. Your daytime canvas awaits at Arete Gallery Sunday, April 21, from 2-4 pm. Ready to create your future?

Using Earths Creative Energy To Heal with Karen Bixler

Using Earths Creative Energy To Heal

Sunday, April 7th: 2 pm – 4 pm
In a world where the rhythm of life often drowns out the whispers of nature, there stands a remarkable figure who has learned to listen — a master botanist with a philosopher’s heart, dedicated to intertwining the roots of wellness with the soul of the earth. Her story is not just of healing but of transcendence; a bridge between the tangible greenery of the land and the intangible essence of our being.

Upcoming Event at Arete Gallery in New Hope, PA | Aligning Your Body to Your Creative Spirit

Aligning Your Body to Your Creative Spirit

Sunday, March 24th: 2 pm – 4 pm
Discover the harmony between body and mind with our special event “Aligning Your Body to Awaken Your Creative Spirit”! Unlock your inner creativity as we guide you through practices that foster physical and mental alignment. Don’t miss out on this transformational experience. Tap into your latent potential and join us for an afternoon of self-discovery and inspiration!

Creatively Healing Through Grief with Andrew Galdi

Creatively Healing Through Grief with Andrew Galdi

Sunday, March 10th: 2 pm – 4 pm
Join us for a heartwarming session “Creatively Healing Through Your Grief”. Embark on a journey of self-expression and transformation as we explore the soothing power of creativity. Together, we’ll harness the arts to navigate our sorrows and find solace. Your path to healing begins here.

Arete Gallery: Forgotten II by Alexandra von der Gablentz

Artist Showcase: Alexandra von der Gablentz

Friday, March 1st: 6 pm – 9 pm
Alexandra von der Gablentz will be available to answer questions, and artwork will be available for purchase. The Blue Wave Ramblers will be performing live, bringing together some of Buck County’s finest musicians, playing a mix of Americana, Bluegrass, Grateful Dead, and Classic Rock in an acoustic setting. Food and drinks will be available at the gallery’s upstairs loft.