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Arete Gallery: Sunshine Reflections by Sara Barnes

Sara Barnes

Meet the Artist

I am from nowhere in particular. I started my life in New Jersey and migrated across the country landing in Indiana, Southern California, Northern California, Arizona, and I now live here in Pennsylvania. During my life, I had a tendency to become lost in my own head creating stories, characters, and creatures. Many of these creatures or people I created were emotional manifestations. It was an escape from my immediate environment that I did not wish to be a part of or just needed to entirely dissociate from reality to protect myself. Let’s be real, everyone has their own story. Humorously, I did not do that great in school because I was, shocker, daydreaming most of the time. I also just enjoyed taking action and doing things and learning what I wanted to instead of being told what I should learn, what I should do, and how I should think. Once I left my parents house at 20 years old, I began to experiment with some art mediums, mostly clay, to start forming some of the ideas festering in my head. It was only a side hobby for a while so I could have a proper job to pay our bills. Since my early 20s, my health was starting to decline as well. It started slow, but then in my mid/late 20s I began to decline rapidly. I eventually had to quit my job running a doctors office and stay at home. I eventually found the right doctors and I came back to life. I guess it takes slowly being dragged up to death’s door and being lucky enough to be able to punch back, then turn around walking back to the light to say “screw it.” I told my husband I was going to achieve the goal I had always wanted to. I am lucky enough to have a life partner who is understanding and supportive in every way for me to do what I need and want to do. I have started creating to express my emotions, experiences, dreams, and curiosities. Sculpting and drawing helps get out the emotions from past experiences and photography has been a great way to help my brain heal to “see” the world again and all of its miraculous details and different forms of life.

Sara Barnes, Artist Featured at Arete Gallery in New Hope, PA


Arete Gallery

122 S. Main St.
New Hope, PA 18938

(484) 353-9859

Gallery Hours

Monday through Sunday: 11 am – 5 pm

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