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Arete Gallery: Wood Sculpture by Don Keesey, Vacation

Don Keesey

Meet the Artist

Don Keesey is a retired mechanical engineer turned sculptor crafting intricate wooden sculptures in his Voorhees, NJ basement woodshop. With a lifetime of tools at his disposal, each sculpture comprises 40 to 130 meticulously traced, cut, numbered, and sanded pieces. Guided by detailed plans, once shared by an old engineering friend, Keesey treasures and guards these sculptured masterpieces’ blueprints. Keesey brings his creations to life in oak, poplar, or birch—his preferred mediums. Inspired by his father, a high school Metal & Wood Shop teacher, Keesey began sculpting approximately eight years ago, turning a hobby into a profound artistic expression. His sculptures, ranging in silhouettes, sizes, and materials, embody a fusion of technical precision and creative ingenuity—a testament to his engineering background and artistic vision.


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