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Victor Mordasov Painting

Victor Mordasov

Meet the Artist

Victor paints a variety of subjects and portrays not just their exterior, but character and personality.

His focus is to bring people’s attention to the beauty of God’s creation, which is around us all and he likes for his paintings to bring joy to those who see it.

In his art, Victor likes to express his feelings and share his God-given creativity for people to enjoy and connect with.

His aesthetic sensibilities always draw him to the techniques of the Old Masters, and he passes on the methods and practices within the tradition of classical painting.

Victor’s paintings allow people to see our world from a new perspective and gain insights into moments often overlooked and remind people to stop, to see, to think, to dream.

These human moments give something that, in today’s world of instant gratification and social media, are all the more important.

He is a Fellow Maxima Cum Laude (Lat. very great honor) of The American Artists Professional League (AAPL).

Two of Victor’s paintings represent American art in the USA embassies in Côte d’Ivoire.

Victor Mordasov, Artist Featured at Arete Gallery in New Hope, PA