Patrick Walsh

Meet the Artist

With a plethora of mediums and styles, Artist Patrick Walsh has dedicated his life to his work and the arts. While his interest in art has always been fundamental, it was during a pivotal moment in his battle with alcoholism that he made a momentous commitment. Before peers and God, he promised to make art every day for the rest of his life if God would help him stay sober.

This promise kickstarted his career and everlasting sobriety. Walsh believes that art and life are one in the same, and expresses this overarching love for both in his pieces. From his stimulating abstractions to local and distant landscapes, Walsh conveys this interconnectedness through a juxtaposition of stillness and chaos.

“Art and life are so intertwined that I sometimes forget where one ends and the other begins. I love art as I love life. It is good for my heart, my soul, and my wellbeing.” – Patrick Walsh

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