Stephen DeMonte: Painting

Stephen DeMonte

Meet the Artist

Stephen DeMonte graduated from Rowan University with a B.A. in History and minor in Art History. An inspiring teacher in the art department, Dr. Fred Adelson, teaches his students to look at familiar works though different lens. This teacher had a major impact of DeMonte’s perceptive and artwork. His work is inspired from historical artists including Dubuffet, Monet, and Fautrier.

Stephen DeMonte was raised in Berlin, NJ. His fondest memories were wondering through cornfields with his sidekick, an American Eskimo dog. Later in life, he joined the Army after the 911 tragedy and lived at Fort Drum with his wife and daughter until being deployed overseas to Afghanistan. Upon his return in September 2004, he spent time hiking in the Adirondacks and being inspired by the natural beauty.

Stephen starts each painting with no predetermined goal but instead lets the materials and color take over, like a child playing in a sandbox. Stephen DeMonte is currently showing his works for the first time at the Arete Gallery in New Hope, PA.

Stephen DeMonte, Artist