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Because it’s important to have a space that represents who you are.

Home décor has been a facet of humanity since the Stone Age with depictions of local animals and plants on shelters. Ancient Egyptians upgraded to murals and decorative objectives that expressed their history and beliefs. The Greeks detailed their furnishing with ornate ivory, the Romans decorated with mosaics, and so on.

Art can bring energy, life and personality into a space, ultimately making it a home you can truly call your own.

Surrounding yourself with art that resonates with your soul allows you to create a sanctuary away from the chaos of daily life.

Here are three ways to incorporate art into your living space.

Arete Gallery Blog Post: Abstract Art of Alfred Ortega Hanging in Living Room

1. Abstract Art

Abstract pieces stimulate the mind and prompt creativity and imagination. With so many elements in abstract art for your mind to explore, over time your changing perspectives and perceptions will reveal different elements of the piece.

Large, boldly colorful pieces, such as this work by Alfred Ortega, can give a mellow room a pop of expression and life. Alfred Ortega is a renowned, Philadelphia-born artist who uses dramatic placement of oil paints to create dynamic works.

Arete Gallery Blog Post: Landscape Painting Hanging in Living Room

2. Landscape Paintings

Artwork that captures the environment can bring a window of nature and light into a home. Landscapes can beautifully evoke the feelings of a beloved place or travel destination. This farm landscape, painted by Patrick Walsh, opens the room up with a portal into another realm. Walsh believes that art and life are one in the same and expresses this overarching love for both in his pieces.

Arete Gallery Blog Post: Influential Figures Art Featuring Bob Marley on Table

3. Influential Figures

Iconic cultural figures have a range of influences and inspirational qualities. The life of a person can evoke the memory of stories, lessons, passions and personal history.

This Bob Marley photo collage by graphic artist, Lando, fills the space with empowering history. Marley spread unity and peace through his music and shared the Rastafarian message with the world.